Ebook - REFiNE Training Program + Private Coaching Group

Ebook - REFiNE Training Program + Private Coaching Group

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REFiNE is a Program design to improve and refine your kettlebell skills while in pursuit of another goal. It will help you maintain or increase your strength in these skills while working toward another goal, in this program the example goals to pursue are the One Arm Pushup and/or Pullup. 

By purchasing this program you receive access to a PRIVATE coaching group. 

In this group you can upload video for technique assessments, check in and post questions for Coach Karen all while training with a community of other students and coaches working on the same program. 

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone looking to learn or improve their kettlebell skills.
  • Anyone looking to learn or advance their pushup and pullup skills.
  • Anyone interested in pursuing a kettlebell or bodyweight course or certification.
  • Any Level I kettlebell certified instructor wanting to maintain level I skills while in pursuit of their level II kettlebell skills or bodyweight skills. 
  • Any level I or II certified instructor looking to prepare to re-certify.

What do you get?

  • 50+ page manual
  • 20+ video library
  • 24+ weeks of program design
  • printable tracking sheets  
  • private FB group
  • access to Coach Karen for assessments/Q&A/etc.